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8v01d (infinite void). I make art: code, sound/music/audio, visuals. I write code (sound, visuals, website development). I make gifs. I make YouTube videos. I create tutorials. I specifically concentrate in Music/Sound/Audio (Pure Data, Tidal Cycles, Sonic Pi, SuperCollider), Alteryx, Google Sheets/Excel, Visuals (Gifs, Graphic Design, Illustrator), Website Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). To learn or read more please click on about on the home page. Thanks.

December 18, 2020 at 1:07 pm

Using the software Processing to create animated gifs. Enjoy!

Code files are available for download: https://github.com/8v01d/Processing/tree/master/Circle_Twist_Cleaned

Also, here is the code below. (Note: Please click on GitHub link and download the entire file from there. You will need the font file in order for the font to work when running in Processing)

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