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8v01d (infinite void). I make art: code, sound/music/audio, visuals. I write code (sound, visuals, website development). I make gifs. I make YouTube videos. I create tutorials. I specifically concentrate in Music/Sound/Audio (Pure Data, Tidal Cycles, Sonic Pi, SuperCollider), Alteryx, Google Sheets/Excel, Visuals (Gifs, Graphic Design, Illustrator), Website Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). To learn or read more please click on about on the home page. Thanks.

Category: Tidal Cycles
December 17, 2020 at 9:43 pm

Messing around in Tidal Cycles… Gotta find more sources and study and learn more. But here is my first file in tidal cycles! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!

Downloadable tidal cycles file: https://github.com/8v01d/Tidal-Cycles/blob/master/Tidal%20Cycles%20-%20First%20File%20(Good%20for%20GitHub%20Upload).tidal

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