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December 14, 2020 at 10:56 pm

We’ll Cover:

  • Canvas
  • Tool Palette
  • Toolbar
  • Configuration Window
  • Results Window

The Canvas is the blank area. In this area is where we build our workflow. 

We can build multiple workflows by alternating between the different workflow tabs.

The Tool Palette is above the canvas. This is where we drag and drop our tools onto the canvas to build our workflow. Each group has it own distinct colors so you can recognize each tool for its category. You can add or remove tools by clicking on the plus icon. Once you click on the plus icon you will be prompted by a popup in there you can uncheck or check the tools you would like to see on the tool palette. The Favourites tab is marked as default in Alteryx. By default some icons are already marked as favourite. To remove from the favourites tab, click on the star icon to add or remove.

The Toolbar is found above the tool palette. In here we have the main menu. We also have icons new blank workflow, open workflow, save, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, add workflow schedule, zoom in, zoom out, and finally run workflow. Run workflow keyboard shortcut on Windows operating system is control + r. 

The Configuration Window is on the left hand side. When nothing is selected the configuration options are for entire workflow. When tools are selected configuration options for the tools are shown.

The Result Window is located below the canvas. When we run our workflow it will poplate status messages and show a preview of our data. 

Now you see the layout of the interface. We are ready to start building workflows.

Note: December 2020: I just realized that this video didn’t export everything since there is missing content lol. Well on this blog you’ll get more content then.

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